College Football + Basketball Betting Sites

Betting on college sports, specifically college football and college basketball, is extremely popular and has been done for years. However, there is much more that goes into betting on college sports than betting on professional leagues and that is where we come in. We’ll lay out for you all of the best NCAA sportsbooks that you could use and show you pretty much any feature that they have to offer. Those features are all meant to enhance your experience betting on college sports with them and to continue to have you using them as well with bonuses and tournaments just to name a few.



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Is It Legal To Bet On NCAA Sporting Events?

Yes, it is legal to bet on college sports even in states that might not have sports betting regulations in place or ones that have restrictions against betting on college sports. The college football and basketball betting sites that we recommend are each legally licensed sportsbooks as they have their headquarters set outside of the United States. There are also no laws federally that specifically state that you cannot use these college betting sites either.

Best College Football + Basketball Sportsbooks

We only suggest the best college football and basketball sportsbooks and each of them are considered pillars in the online sports betting industry. You’ll find top quality odds at each of them along with other features surrounding the odds. What’s great is that you are not limited to how many of them you could sign up for allowing you to take advantage of what each of them have going for them.


5 Star Rating

Overall Best NCAA Sportsbook

When you are looking for the best, look no further than Bovada as they have hundreds of different odds to choose from and an overall great platform. Any of the college betting odds that they offer can be found from their homepage where you can click into the sport that you want to bet on. From there, all of the different gamelines, prop odds, futures bets, and much more will be available.

  • Top-Rated Sportsbook
  • Accepts Crypto
  • Team and Player Props
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Bet On College Sports With Crypto!

BetOnline leads the online sports betting industry as far as betting with cryptocurrency goes. You have up to 17 forms of cryptocurrency to choose from including big names such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to smaller market coins like Dogecoin, Cardano, and Solana. The great thing about betting with crypto is that there are no transaction fees, quick processing times, and very manageable limits.

  • Deposit With Crypto
  • Bet On Sports Around The World
  • In-Game Betting
  • Timely Payouts


4.5 Star Rating

Safe And Reliable For College Betting

Those who enjoy betting on college sports in a safe and reliable manner can turn to as they run a very safe kept operation. They put plenty of time and effort into making sure of this with great customer service and plenty of backend security measures as well. Their customer support is open around the clock and you can reach out to them multiple ways as well. Their encryptions also secure all of the information that you store on your account as well.

  • Welcomes USA Players
  • Solid Reputation
  • Competitive Odds
  • Crypto-Friendly


4.5 Star Rating

Fast Payouts

With MyBookie, you’ll never have to worry about getting your money back as they have a very quick and painless withdrawal process. It takes just a few steps for you to get your winnings out. Each withdrawal method that they accept has a process behind it that could take no more than just five minutes to complete and have the funds on their way back to you.

  • Easy Deposits
  • Team and Player Props
  • Teasers and Pleasers
  • Fast Withdrawals

Bonuses up to $750
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50% up to $1,000
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50% up to $1,000
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How To Bet On College Sports

Betting on college sports is extremely similar to betting on any other sport in terms of the odds that are offered. Of course, every college football and basketball game will have gamelines on them, however, you could expand into them and find loads of props as well.

  • Moneyline: Moneyline odds allow you to bet on the outright winner of any college game. If a team is favored, their odds will have (-) in front of it and if they are an underdog, their odds will begin with (+).
  • Spread: With these odds you are betting on if a team will win or lose by a specific margin. If you are betting on the favorites spread at -5 points, the team has to win by more than 5 points. Betting on an underdog spread of +5 points means the team can lose within 5 points or win the game outright.
  • Over/Under: Arguably the most popular college bet to make, you are betting on if the total number of combined points from both teams will go Over or Under the set amount by the sportsbook.
  • Futures: Futures odds are where you are betting on championship events way in advance before the season or during the season. Those include the winner of March Madness, Conference Championships, College Football National Championship, and more. These odds can shift throughout the season based on how a team is performing.
  • Player Props: Player prop odds allow you to bet on one specific player in a college game. You are betting on how a player will perform in a specific stat category.
  • Game Props: Game props allow you to bet on any game in a different angle than just betting on the winner and loser. There are alternate lines, odds for each half or quarter, and much more.

Mobile Betting For NCAA Games

Arguably one of the best features there is to using a college football and basketball betting site is that you could do so right from your phone or tablet. Your smartphones and tablets are pretty much small computers with built-in web browsers. From those web browsers, you could log into your online sportsbook account like you would from a normal computer and bet on any college lines that come your way. None of the betting sites on this page have any apps or software that you need to download to use them.

Live Betting For College Sports Work

Each of the online NCAA sportsbooks out there have great live betting suites for college betting. From the moment the game you are betting on begins, the odds will open up and allow you to bet on them until the game is out of reach and set. These sites are great when it comes to shifting odds during the game as they leave just a few moments for you to bet on odds that you feel are the most profitable.

Player Rated5 Star Rating

  • Top-Rated Sportsbook
  • Accepts Crypto
  • Team and Player Props
  • Quickest Payouts

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

All of the legal online sportsbooks that we recommend are compatible with mobile devices. That goes for any smartphone or tablet that has a web browser and is connected to the internet. The licensed online sportsbooks do not require any downloads of software or an app to use them either taking up space on your device. To use them, you’ll go to the sportsbooks URL and log in like you would on a computer. Once logged in, you can place bets, make deposits and withdrawals, and use bonuses as well.

College Sports Betting Restrictions

You can realistically bet on college sports from anywhere in the United States without having to worry about restrictions only if you are using the licensed online sportsbooks. With the regulated online sportsbooks that are only available in select states, there could be some heavy restrictions from betting on college football and basketball.

State Restriction
Arizona No College Prop Betting
Colorado No College Prop Betting
Connecticut No In State College Betting
Delaware No In State College Betting
Illinois No In State College Betting
Indiana No College Prop Betting
Iowa No In State College Prop Betting
Maine No In State College Betting
Massachusetts No In State College Betting Unless Large Event
New Hampshire No In State College Betting
Nebraska No In State College Betting
New Jersey No In State College Betting
New York No In State College Betting
Oregon No College Betting With Scoreboard Lottery App
Rhode Island No In State College Betting
South Dakota No In State College Betting + No College Prop Betting
Tennessee No College Prop Betting
Virginia No In State College Betting + No College Prop Betting
Washington No In State College Betting
Washington D.C. No In District College Betting