College Football + Basketball Betting Sites

NCAA SportsbooksBetting at college football and basketball betting sites has long been an activity that sports fans from across the country enjoy. No matter what school you root for, there is bound to be a sport that they excel in and visiting NCAA sportsbooks make it all the more exciting to watch. March Madness betting and office pools have been commonplace for years and betting on college football has only become more prevalent since the introduction of the college football playoffs. However, many people are still uncertain of the legality and process of how to bet on college sports. That’s where we come in.

We will explain just how so many people have been banking on these widely popular games. We’ll go over how to actually read and interpret the wagering lines that NCAA sportsbooks post. Once you’re familiar with that process we even have recommendations for the internet’s best college football and basketball betting sites. But, it would do you best to read our following section first to see how college sports betting is legal. Once you’ve got the gist of everything you should be ready to start cashing in on your favorite NCAA team, whether that be your alumna or otherwise.

Is It Legal To Bet On NCAA Sporting Events?

Yes, as a matter of fact, it is legal to bet on college sports. There are actually two ways in which you can find a legal route to make NCAA bets. The first is through your state-licensed sportsbooks. Since the federal prohibition on sports betting known as PASPA was repealed by the US Supreme court in May of 2018, states across the nation have taken the liberty to legalize and regulate sports gambling. Each state that has done this has their own specific laws surrounding the practice. Some states will only let you bet on NCAA games in-person, some will let you do it over state-wide apps, and some have both options. However, some of these states impose rules that won’t allow you to bet on in-state college teams or events. Some states also have a ban on prop bets for college athletes.

The second way to access legal college sports betting lines is to use online sportsbooks that are operated offshore. Because they fall outside of state and federal jurisdiction and because they accept US residents no matter what state they live in, they have always been the most popular way to bet on college games. They also don’t have to abide by state regulations so they can offer betting lines for NCAA teams and players no matter where those teams are located. The NCAA also has no authority over the operations of these sites because they are licensed by their home territory, making them a safe option for all your online sports gambling needs.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bet On NCAA Odds With Bitcoin!

Bovada has several ways to make wagers tailored to every type of bettor. Whether you are the occasional bettor or are the type of person who checks the lines each day, Bovada will have the most competitive lines and bonuses out there. Presently, Bovada allows bettors the opportunity to earn up to $250 in bonuses, with their 50% initial deposit promotion.
First-time users of the site who enroll and make their first deposit are eligible for this promotion. Bovada accepts numerous easy deposit methods of the likes that include VISA, prepaid cards, and even Bitcoin. Those that use Bitcoin for the first time will be able to take advantage of a deposit bonus with code BVSBITCOIN50. The online sportsbook at Bovada will surely meet your needs for wagering on all NCAA athletics whether it be the NCAA basketball tournament, college football regular season, or the college football playoffs.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Get Up To $500 With Each Reload!

The online sportsbook at BetOnline anchors an assortment of options for wagering on college football, basketball, and even baseball. This is one of the leading websites for bettor safety and BetOnline certainly has the reputation to back it up. BetOnline Sportsbook is sure to have everything you require to meet your betting needs while making it convenient and most of all—fun!
They offer a multitude of wagers, such as ATS, Prop betting, pleasers, teasers, and more. BetOnline extends ongoing promotions, but currently has a sports reload bonus for every qualifying deposit worth up to $500 on each time a user funds their account; rate of match: 25%! Just be sure to use the code LIFEBONUS whenever you want to reload your account. To add to that, BetOnline will allow you to try out their mobile betting feature and live betting feature risk-free. Be sure to check them out to learn all about the daily promotions listed on the website.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

Fastest Payouts For NCAA Sports Fans!

If you’re looking to bet on NCAA games and you looking to collect your winnings in a hurry, there’s almost no better online sportsbooks to use than SportsBetting. As the name suggests, even though they have many types of gambling opportunities, wagering on sports and betting on NCAA matches is their specialty. Those using the sportsbook can look out for some of the fastest deposit and withdrawal options in the industry with certain withdrawals being processed in as little as 48 hours. Transaction methods also include some of the most cryptocurrency options as well. You can use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, and Dash just to name a few.

If you’re looking to bet on NCAA games using cryptocurrency as your primary transaction method, you’re in luck. Just use the code 35CRYPTO on every qualifying deposit to earn SportsBetting’s 35% reload bonus. Using this method allows you to make deposits instantly so it is ideal if you need to load your account in time to place a live bet on any college sport. This is only one of the many perks to use at SportsBetting. You’ll also have the option to try a player prop bet or a live bet risk-free. If your first bet is not a winner SportsBetting will reimburse you up to $25. So what are you waiting for? Log in and start betting today!

MyBookie Sportsbook

Bet On NCAA Odds From Your iPhone

If you’re a fan of NCAA sports as a whole, then MyBookie is the online sportsbook for you. MyBookie has the most NCAA betting lines of any of its competitors. You’ll be able to find college football futures bets sooner than any other site. Even months before the season begins you’ll be able to put money down on the team you think is going to win the college football playoff, allowing for some of the most lucrative bets out there. The same can be said for MyBookie’s NCAA men’s college basketball betting lines. You don’t have to wait until March to begin cashing in on college hoops. The best part is, it can all be done from your iPhone, Android, iPad, or other mobile device!

Once you start winning at MyBookie you’ll surely want to tell your friends about it and this NCAA sportsbook will reward you for doing so. You can get rewarded 100% of your referral’s first deposit which can be worth up to $100. That’s 100 bucks for you to use just by spreading the word. The best part about this referral program is that it can be enjoyed an unlimited amount of time. That’s up to 100 bucks each time someone uses your referral code to sign up. Using MyBookie is the easiest way to bet on NCAA games with friends and earn real money just by doing so.

BetDSI Sportsbook

Huge Bonuses + 24/7 Customer Service

BetDSI is one of the more recognizable NCAA sportsbooks out there. The reason being is that they have been cited by some of the biggest names in the sports media industry including ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, USA Today, and more. BetDSI has evolved over the 20 years of operation they’ve had and now features one of the cleanest and slickest online interfaces on the market. Finding NCAA betting lines is as easy as ever and if you ever have a question the support that you can find at BetDSI is available 24/7/365.

BetDSI also features contests that allow you to bet on sports in new, fun, and creative ways. You can enter and play for free and in return win real money. They even offer office pools so that you and some friends can bet on NCAA games together. Loyalty rewards programs are also available to frequent users of the site. Earn valuable BetPoints that can be used for cash, prizes, and Free Plays. Don’t just take our word for it, visit BetDSI today to find all of the other amenities they offer for NCAA bettors and beyond.

Best NCAA Betting Sites
Bovada Sportsbook50% Up To $500College Football, College Basketball, College Baseball
BetOnline Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000NCAA Football, College Basketball, College World Series
Sportsbetting Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000NCAA Football, College Basketball, College World Series
MyBookie Sportsbook50% New Member Bonus!College Baseball, NCAA Tournament, NCAA Futures
BetDSI Sportsbook100% Up To $500 NCAA Football, College Basketball Futures, College Baseball

How To Wager On College Sports

NCAA SportsbooksWith so many options and so many different betting lines available, knowing how to wager on college sports is crucial. Below we’ve listed out all of the most common wagering types you’ll find at any type of sportsbook you may choose to use. These lines will not only be used for betting on college football, but betting on college basketball, baseball, and more.

Money Lines - Sportsbooks that offer NCAA betting will almost certainly offer moneyline bets. For this wager type, you are simply selecting which team you think is going to win the game. The favorite will be signaled with a minus sign and the underdog will have a plus sign. For example, a team may be favored at (-110). This means that you will have to put down 110 dollars in order to win 100. To counter that, if a team is listed at (+110) then you only have to put down a hundred dollars to win 110. This keeps wagers on both sides even, with the sportsbook taking a cut over the top.

NCAA Over / Under Bets - This is a common wagering type you’ll hear on sports media outlets. Before a game starts an NCAA sportsbook will list a number that is reflective of the combined total amount of points that both teams will score. Over/under bets, also known as total bets, require the bettor to pick weather they think the two teams will combine to score over the amount listed by the sportsbook or under that amount.

NCAA Against The Spread (ATS) Bets - Another core wagering type for NCAA sportsbooks is ATS betting lines. For football, the lines are generally posted within a week of the upcoming matchups. College basketball lines are slightly different, in that the lines are posted the day of the games. In order for the favorite to win this bet, they will have to win the game by more than the number of points the sportsbook sets for them. If they win the game but fail to do so by the amount the NCAA sportsbook assigned, or if they lose the game outright then they lose the bet.

NCAA Future Wagers - NCAA future wagers can be some of the most lucrative betting lines out there. That’s because the lines set are often way before a certain event takes place. For example, before the season starts you can bet on which teams will make the college football playoffs, or which teams will make the NCAA March Madness tournament. The lines set will have a high payout because of the unpredictability of how the season will play out.

NCAA Prop Bets - Sportsbooks with betting on college football and basketball will often times have prop bets available for some of the biggest games that week. Prop bets can be held for both the team as a whole and for specific players. For example, as part of a team prop, you may see an over/under bet for “how many interceptions will a certain team get”. For a player prop bet, you will see something along the lines of “how many free throws will a certain player score.”

Mobile Betting For NCAA Games

Mobile betting for NCAA games is something you will find at any of the NCAA sportsbooks we recommend. Having this feature is a complete game-changer for sports bettors everywhere and that’s because NCAA betting lines are essentially available from anywhere. Online offshore sportsbooks have mobile-optimized websites so you can easily access them from your mobile device’s web browser. As long as you have an internet connection you can use your smartphone or tablet to place a bet on a college sports game. Whether you’re planning on watching the game at a stadium or arena, a sports bar, a friend’s house, or anywhere in between, access to the most up-to-date betting lines are only a few taps away.

Live Betting For College Sports Work

Live betting for college sports is arguably the most exciting way to watch any game. That’s because even though NCAA betting lines are traditionally set in stone and close once the game begins, live betting allows you to place wagers on certain events as the game plays out in real-time. This means that you can have a better understanding of how the game is going before putting any real money down. NCAA sportsbooks may have betting lines such as “will this team score a touchdown on this drive”, “will this player score his free throws”, or “how many runs will this team give up this inning.” Live betting is often reserved for the biggest NCAA games, but it is always worth checking to see if the game you’re interested in has this feature.